Al Smou Real Estate

Al Smou Real Estate is the pioneer company of Smou Group that is based in Abu Dhabi. It has been bench-marking the field of investments while meeting its client’s needs and maintaining the company’s standards since 2005. Through the years, Al Smou Real Estate has proven to keep its quality systems and highest level of professionalism with its globally competitive and experienced personnel.

Al Smou Real Estate specializes in various real estate products that brings solutions to the realty needs of different clients. We offer and manage residential spaces high class towers, luxurious hotels, fully-furnished hotel apartments, luxurious villas, flats, and staff accommodations, and commercial and industrial spaces such as warehouses, offices, and stores.

Company Profile

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Property Development

Development plays a key role in the field of investments. Enhancing properties and investments’ market values are essential to the company to exceed investors’ satisfaction.

Al Smou Real Estate believes in continuous progress for a better business. The company researches for potential growth of each realty asset and then capitalize to generate sustainable revenue.

Property Management

Al Smou is dedicated in bringing seamless deals to property owners. The company focuses in managing properties for the landlords, identify its best market value and prepares portfolios of every residential, commercial or industrial property handled.

Presenting our products to high-standard clients usually lead to bringing 90-100% of occupancy rate and maximum returns with its long-term or short-term leases.

Facilities Management

Al Smou Real Estate also have an all-around managing services of properties for landowners looking for hassle-free business. In this service, the company will be responsible for the end-to-end management of the property, starting from the design, marketing, leasing, maintenance, and development.

Reducing time and stress while earning huge income is our goal to meet the standards of all the external parties.

Owners’ Association Management

Al Smou treats every client as a family. The company assists all clienteles from the start until the end of each deals. Preserving a good relationship with the customers while providing an exceptional service is important to the company.

Al Smou believes that good customer service spreads a good word of mouth to everyone. We value all the businesses we make with the investors that is why we hold a strong reputation in the field.

Al Smou Real Estate

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